Bluemove: The leading NFT multichain marketplace

Project: Bluemove.

The leading NFT Marketplace on Sui.

Explore the most outstanding NTFs in all topics of life. Buy NFTs (or sell 'em) to earn rewards

About Bluemove: BlueMove is a premier NFT marketplace, providing access to the most cutting-edge and diverse digital collectibles across two of the most innovative blockchain networks: Sui and Aptos. With a user-friendly interface, BlueMove makes it easy to discover, collect, and trade unique NFTs from some of the world’s top artists and creators. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting out, BlueMove provides a seamless and secure platform to buy, sell, and manage your NFT assets. So come join the NFT revolution and experience the world of BlueMove today!

Information about the team: We are a collection of people who are full of enthusiasm for the NFTs market
Co-founder and Chief Executive: NC
Co-founder and Chief Technology: Dragon Vu
Co-founder, Chief Product Officer: Johnny
Chief Marketing Officer: Jack Smith

discord: BlueMove
facebook: BlueMove


this is the most hype marketplace :fire:


That is filled with bots and bugs


I believe that this project has a great future, because in the future there will be a very strong surge of interest in NFT. And this will spur everyone to sell and buy NFT somewhere in the SUI and Aptos network. Therefore, I follow this platform very closely, participated in the IFO, and I believe that the MOVE token will soon become very popular. A matter of time. Thanks !

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:+1: :+1: coool post

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I agree, need to find a guard against those bots playing with the floor

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Well this is only testnet so the thing should be better.

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I think this is the best valuable project

A market full of bots🌚

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thanks for the information

I agree with this, bot’s are really a problem on Bluemove

I completely agree with this opinion!!!)

Easy to buy and sell NFTs in BlueMove, I guess it’s one of the best marketplaces

This marketplace has an amazing NFT projects, bravo

Totally agree! It’s a pleasure working with BlueMove

BlueMove is the best NFT Marketplace ever! I can buy and collect, get updates - all in one place