BlueMove — community-first NFT marketplace on Aptos & Sui


As we can see from the title BlueMove is the first community-focused NFT marketplace on the Aptos and Sui blockchains. What does it mean “community-first”?

So, BlueMove wants not just to reward traders, collectors, and minters for using the project, but also to encourage active community members in every possible way.

How it can be:

Sales fee
When selling NFTs, BlueMove takes a base commission of 2% (on all NFT sales, excluding private sales).

All APT and SUI tokens received in the form of commissions at the end of each period (every 86,500 Aptos blocks — approximately once a day) are distributed among MOVE stakers.

As long as you keep MOVE in the stake, the rewards will be accrued daily and summed up. You can brand them all together at any convenient time. For example, when the price of gas falls.

Listing rewards

If you are a collector or trader, you will get MOVE tokens by simply listing NFTs for sale on BlueMove.

Receive Listing Reward points every 10 minutes for all NFTs you list for sale on BlueMove by meeting the following criteria:

  • the exposed NFT is in one of the top 15 matching top collections by 24-hour volume (updated every 10 minutes)
  • the listing is an active and executable order
  • the listing price is at least 140% of the average price of the collection
  • the listing must be active for at least 10 minutes, and not canceled within 1 hour of each 10-minute snapshot, to qualify for points for that period

In addition to the criteria above for individual listings, the collections themselves must meet the following criteria to be eligible for listing rewards:

  • number of items in the collection ≤ 100,000
  • royalties > 0%

Points are calculated and distributed once a day, each user’s points balance will be used to determine their MOVE reward for that day. Rewards are distributed proportionally among all users and can be branded daily at 11:00 (UTC), along with trade rewards (next point).

Trading rewards

Easy, you need to trade any NFT on BlueMove.

As the platform wants to become the most liquid NFT marketplace, trading rewards are given out generously, encouraging early adopters to become active.

All users who buy/sell any NFT through BlueMove receive a trading reward in MOVE, the BlueMove platform token.

Both buyers and sellers get rewarded! The reward is accrued in accordance with the volume of sales (excluding private transactions).

Rewards are accrued daily. In total, they will be credited within 43,250,000 Aptos blocks (approximately 721 days). After that, all emissions of MOVE tokens will stop, as the ecosystem will become completely self-sufficient.

Trading rewards are earned over 4 stages with different reward pools. Overall, early adopters get the most rewards.

Daily trading rewards are calculated based on each user’s trading volume on BlueMove as a percentage of the total trading volume on the platform, excluding private sales.

NFTs from all collections available on BlueMove are eligible for trading rewards. This means that any NFT you buy or sell on BlueMove (other than private sales) earns you a reward.

MOVE staking rewards

Everything is easy — stake MOVE tokens and get rewards. But there is one caveat — staking is also limited to only 4 stages.

MOVE staking rewards are calculated proportionally to the volume of the stake of each user. Please note that BlueMove uses an auto compound to save gas.

Rewards for providing liquidity

According to the tokenomics of the project, 2% of the supply is allocated to this point, which is 6,000,000 MOVE tokens.


Early adopters get the most rewards. In general, a very interesting model for encouraging community activity. And I also really like the use of the two most promising blockchains in development, Aptos and Sui.


best nft marketplace on sui , user friendly and fast speed


Very good nft marketplace


yes, it is nice one on sui :star_struck:
I don’t know others


so, I also don’t know another one
maybe somebody can share?

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maybe it new OpenSea. my exp its good

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Good marketplace. Hope will be on the first place on SUI blockchain

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Good experience ! But the verification Twitter/Discord was a bit confusing/intrusing from my point of view.
Hope it will evolve the NFT marketplace area !

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:stuck_out_tongue: Convenient interface and cool pictures.

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This is an excellent NFT trading platform with a promising collaboration of 2 strong players in the crypto world - Sui and Aptos :handshake:

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BlueMove is an elite project on sui with one of the best and coordinated team. With a very thought through business model that looks to reward their community. A leading NFT trading platform like Bluemove looks to promote the ecosystem on its own and not just leech on the success that the mysten labs team drives


yep, also the have own token

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Big nft marketplace :+1:

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By far the best nft marketplace place on Sui. Everything just works out really nice and the team look like they really know what they are about


good product, I believe in future development, even participated in IFO

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Excited to be a part of this great project!


The best marketplace for ever!

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BlueMove is becoming very popular and it’s very cool that Sui is a part of it!

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The NFT marketplace project leverages blockchain technology to ensure the authenticity and ownership of the assets, making it a secure and transparent way for creators to monetize their digital creations. It also allows collectors and investors to invest in and trade rare and valuable digital assets.

The popularity of NFTs has grown significantly in recent years, with high-profile sales of digital artwork and other assets reaching millions of dollars. As a result, there is a growing demand for NFT marketplaces that provide a reliable platform for buying, selling, and trading these assets.

Overall, the NFT marketplace project represents an exciting and innovative development in the world of digital art and collectibles. While the technology is still in its early stages, it has the potential to revolutionize the way we think about ownership and value in the digital world.


It is a very popular platform and we are very excited to mint the dragon when it comes out. However, it is sad that it is so popular that sometimes we can’t make it. (LOL)

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