BettaSuiMarket. Multi-Chain NFTs Marketplace


Official project name - BettaSuiMarket
Detailed project description: Betta Sui is a multi-chain decentralized marketplace for buying, selling, and trading NFTs, that will launch first on the Sui network. The Sui network, which is being prepared for the subsequent billion users, will be among the most distinctive Layer 1 networks accessible.
NFT known as a non-fungible token is a digital asset that excites us at Betta Sui. NFTs can be digital assets, art, and characters on Gamefi. We hope that can create a marketplace place that ensures users freely exchange their digital creations safely.
Team names / pseudonyms:


Alien is a full-stack developer with 7 years of experience, he is solid in team management and project coordination. Recently, he is working on blockchain integration and developing Web3-based projects. With passion and desire to build a life-changing opportunity. He came up with the idea to build NFTs marketplace from his previous developer experience.


He is responsible for the market research and marketing for Betta Sui. Daylen will ensure that Betta Sui marketplace works smoothly with our partners. Previously he worked as a marketer at companies in Singapore. Lately, he’s been working in the marketing field for NFT creators and growing social media communities.


Enzo is part of the product-building team. He has been working full-time crypto for 4 years, he previously worked as a frontend developer. He is also responsible for product design and conceptualization for Betta Sui’s collection.

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:heart: Love your news. Great to see your contribution to Betta


An amazing project, and I am sure that this project will be successful

this is a very good project, and I think it is very promising