BaySwap sui, swap, testnet

BaySwap is a new DEX on the #Sui blockchain, offering fast and cheap swaps, pools, etc. The project is new, but already has Twitter subscriptions from eligible projects

DEX is in an active phase of development, so Devnet is already available, and it is also possible to get an “OG” role by completing tasks in crew3. And the role of “OG Elite”. Bay Swap is the ultimate DEX (Decentralized Exchange) built on SUI Blockchain which is designed for high transaction throughput. We focus on cost optimization while ensuring correctness and providing a near-zero-cost solution for all investors making it the Top DEX among currently present DEXs.


Discord: Bay Swap - SUI Network

Crew3: CREW³ | The #1 operating system for web3 communities


I tested the BaySwap platform on Devnet and testnet. Everything works well.