BadBunniesGang - the collection of NFT bunnies

Official project name: BadBunniesGang

Detailed project description:
BadBunniesGang is a collection of adorable, cool and at the same moment tough bunnies. This project has a collaboration with Sui Insiders. To celebrate BadBunniesGang build on the Sui blockchain, they giveaway rewards to the lucky members (you can find some details of the giveaway in their official Twitter).

Team names / pseudonyms: Unknown

Link to project website:

Link to project GitHub profile: Unknown

Project Discord Link: Unknown (it is private at the moment)

Team Discord contact: The discord channel is private at the moment

#NFT #SuiEcosystem


Discord channel: Bad Bunnies Gang

Also you can claim Sui Global x Bad Bunnies Gang Galxe NFT-box (link: Sui Global x Bad Bunnies Gang by Sui Global | Galxe) and get some random rewards from the project (you need some $MATIC to claim).

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