Are these really SUI official dapps?

Credential platforms like galxe, quest3, crew3 are often used.
There are many linked projects that refer to Sui dapps, such as Sui global, Sui Ecosystem, and Sui Inside. Their credentials are strong for promoting and increasing followers for their tweets.
Rather, I think it plays a role in making the image of the SUI ecosystem bad.

Are these official dapps?
And are there any rewards given to the kids?
Why are they trying to gather people in the middle like this?

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The groups you mentioned, I’ll call them Ecosystem Groups, are not official, they have no official partnerships with Mysten Labs. These Ecosystem Groups don’t gain from Sui or Mysten Labs, rather, they gain from the projects that they agree to promote and enter an agreement with.

These Ecosystem Groups can drive very relevant traffic and engagement to newer/fledgling applications, helping them with testing and simply just raising awareness. In exchange, these applications offer incentives in many different manners. It may be a small amount of tokens pledged to the Ecosystem Groups upon token genesis, it could be a split of fees generated through the app, or anything like that. There likely isn’t any standard agreement, every app is probably treated differently.

These Ecosystem Groups will not be receiving any official reward/airdrop from Mysten Labs, but their actions may help the group leaders/participants stand out when Mysten Labs considers who they choose for the Community Access Program.