APass - A membership-based experience center

APass (AptosPassport) is a membership-based experience center, which integrates DIDs, quests, level up system, market and GameFi. We try to use the traditional economics logic to create a self-balancing token $APC from mining to consumption.
The project runs on Sui and Aptos blockchains.

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About the team

We are the COBER team.

We are an experienced encryption team, the core members of our team have more than 20 years of Internet research and development experience, and have high-level MOVE engineers and market operation teams.

The team has long-term development experience in EVM, Solana ecological application, and basic engineering. The team has rich experience in big data processing and on-chain Web 3, and our team has the background to complete the development of applications with a scale of more than 70 million users.

We have 15 full-time technical R&D personnel. The efficiency of the team is very high, and we are all doers.

||| Contacts:
|[Email] business@aptpp.com
|[Twitter] @aptospassport
|[Telegram] @apass_official
|[Discord] discord.gg/apass
|[Github] AptosPassport (APass) ยท GitHub