Aftermath Finance - The Ultimate Decentralized Exchange on Sui

  • Pools-Invest your crypto into the first decentralized AMM built on the Sui blockchain with weighted assets, allowing up to 7 coins in one pool to profit LP providers.
  • Capy Farm-Stake one of your capys in our farm to earn SUI coins. Or breed with our capy farm to create healthy baby capys to add to your collection.
    -Faucet-Come visit our faucet to mint Devnet and Testnet coins that you can use to interact with all of Aftermath Finance.
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    :smile_cat: Discord: Aftermath Finance
    :money_mouth_face: github:Aftermath · GitHub



Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to test all the functions on the platform. But if the developers implement their plans, it will turn out very cool

Very feature rich DeFi platform. Interesting to see how things work out.

I really like the Capy Farm feature)) Looks brilliant)

Pools with leverage look especially interesting. Definitely worth keeping an eye on

Their liquidity pools look very promising

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I really love everything about this project.

Capy staking is One of the features I really love. Can you increase the apy for staking Capy :eyes: