ABEL Finance - Cross-Chain Lending Platform

Abel Finance is a cross-chain lending platform. It already works on Aptos mainnet and will be support SUI as well. Abel supports at least 8 wallets that you may connect to the site. What about assets, you can set as a collateral and borrow at least 19 assets, including their own token - $ABEL.

Some Abel features:

  1. LP Coin holders can lend other Coin by pledge LP, instead of destroying LP in order to obtain liquidity
  2. Provides mining possibility for coin holders
  3. Holders of a single currency obtain interest income and liquidity through Supply Coin to provide airdrop rewards
  4. Excess liquidity is regularly invested in compound and other capital pools to generate secondary income
  5. Through cross-chain lending, the efficient transfer of multi-chain assets is realized.

Founding team: no public information found

Official website: https://www.abelfinance.xyz
Twitter: https://twitter.com/abelfinance
Github: ABEL Finance · GitHub
Discord: ABEL Finance


Does it have a testnet / devnet for SUI atm?

I don’t think so, mate

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The best platform for cross-chain transfers on Sui. Fast work