Abbys World - A Web3-Based Action Eole-Playing Video Game, On Sui

Brief introductions About Abby’s World

By MetaGame Industries, “Abyss World” has been developed over the last three years and received support from AMD, Epic Games & IGN, and officially collaborate with mystenlabs to build future forms of gaming together!

Abyss World combines Metagame Industries, expertise in creating exciting and interactive games with Sui’s high-performing, secure, and gaming-focused technology to create a unique gaming experience that will seamlessly bridge and unite web2 and web3 users. The partnership will help enable both companies to take the gaming world by storm and usher in a new era of blockchain-based gaming.

So I think it’s really interesting when abbys world is going to be web3 gaming on web3 Blockchain (sui network) actually I’m really excited for this and can’t wait abbys world is going to be web3Gaming on sui and making huge wave :ocean: on sui ecosystem in web3 era, so what do you think, Are you also excited too? Write your thoughts and some feedback about this in comment bellow! Would be greats to see you can support it too :wink: , While waiting we can visit some usefully links that we can read or learn more about

:globe_with_meridians: website :
:bird: Twitter :
:left_speech_bubble: Discord : Abyss World
:white_square_button: Metagame Studio :
:page_with_curl: Medium : ABYSS WORLD – Medium


I love blockchain games and this game will definitely be one of the best


Same here😅, somehow I prefer the web3 gaming platform than other sectors

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That’s so cool. What stage is this project at?

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VERY VERY COOL GRAPHIC i want play ~~~~

Great graphics, I would look at the output! when will the release be?

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Looks very cool! straight realistic :crazy_face:


This is still the initial phase, you can read in more detail their article, the vision has just been revealed , so it’s too early actually your question😅

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